Hi. I’m Louis Di Bianco, an entrepreneur. I live by my definition of that word. First and foremost, I am psychologically unemployable. That means I have an aversion to working for other people. I love serving others through my work. But, I am my own boss.

So, how do I make money? I prefer rephrasing that question to, “How do I attract wealth?” In a variety of exciting ways. Look at them closely, and you’ll notice that they are all related. Communication is the one word that summarizes all the things I do to create value for others and wealth for myself.

My very first job after high school was door-to-door selling (magazines). My first career, and one of my passions, was teaching. Today, most of the things I do professionally involve teaching. This blog is a perfect example.

Here’s the fast forward version of my career choices. I studied English literature with a focus on drama. That’s what I taught for several decades. My love for drama led to my acting career, first on stage, later, and now, in film and TV. I’ve done numerous feature films that you can find on the Internet Movie Database. And, I starred in a hit TV series called Rent-A-Goalie.

Also, I created an acting for camera course that I taught to professional actors across North America.

Acting is one of the most powerful and persuasive forms of human communication. Eventually, I parlayed my expertise into a rewarding and exciting new adventure. I started a company called Presenters where I taught (and still teach) business people to become dynamic confident communicators. They learn to deliver killer presentations that sell.

Six years ago, I stepped into another arena that calls for strong dramatic communication – Network Marketing. I found it easy and enjoyable. It didn’t take long to create a handsome steady residual income in Network Marketing. I’m grateful for the freedom it continues to give me.

You can say that I’m a Renaissance man with a passion for communication. It thrills me to empower others by helping them discover their authentic voices and effectively communicate their personal and business messages to the world.

I’ve created an entire system that can unleash your own astonishing communication power. It’s called Persuasion Genie.

The key to your freedom, your wealth, and the life of your dreams is in your power to communicate. I’d be honored to help you discover and develop that power.

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