Cash Flow Freedom – Can You Handle It?

Cash Flow Quadrant is a clear simple book that anyone can understand. Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki.

This lean analysis of how we earn money blows stuffy college economics textbooks out of the water. It unlocks the door to economic freedom to anyone who wants it. Then why do so many people stand outside the door and refuse to step over the threshold?

It could be that they haven’t read the book. But what about those who have? Some of them have read it more than once. They can practically recite it to you. Yet, they’re broke! Give me a break!

My not so humble opinion is this. The majority can’t handle freedom. They can give lip service to it. They can watch movies about it. They can get red in the face arguing about it. But they can’t step up to the plate and claim it!

Freedom is attractive as a romantic notion. But to live it, to own it, requires responsibility, risk, and courage. It’s easy to watch Braveheart; not so easy to step onto the battlefield and get bloody. Hey, you might even die.

Kiyosaki’s baby simple thesis is this. In a free enterprise system, there are four ways to earn money (the quadrants). On the left side of the quadrant, you have E & S (employee & self-employed). On the right side, you earn money as a B or an I (business owner or investor).

The left side offers a life of survival and/or struggle. The right side holds the promise of wealth, lifestyle, and freedom. Pick what you want and choose.

There’s the heart of the challenge (for most people it’s not a challenge, it’s a BIG problem). The word that freezes them in their tracks is CHOICE.

To choose something, you’ve got to decide. To decide literally means to kill off all other options. Oops! Can’t do that! It’s safer to stand outside the door and stare at all the possibilities inside the room.

The harsh truth is that education in the free enterprise world does not prepare you to live on the right side of the quadrant. It conditions you to become and remain an E. It programs you with an employee mentality.

When you become a big boy or girl, you want to choose to live as a B and/or an I. But the thought of making a choice cripples most people. They find it easier to live what Thoreau called, “lives of quiet desperation.”

Is there a way out of this prison? Yes.

Your path to freedom begins with one brave step. You take it by accepting full responsibility for everything in your life. That means you stop blaming, complaining, and explaining your circumstances. If you are deeply in debt, you own that condition with dignity.

You give up the luxury of saying things like, “I’m in debt because my horrible ex-wife took me to the cleaners.” She is not responsible for your financial burden. You are. When you embrace and own that truth, you will begin to move toward wealth, joy, and real freedom. You will be able to live and play on the right side of the quadrant.

6 Responses to “Cash Flow Freedom – Can You Handle It?”

  1. Can’t handle freedom, eh? Interesting idea, though perhaps not unique or revolutionary.

    Not long ago I ran across the idea that internet marketing is like the Hero’s journey — a la Joseph Campbell.

    There are specific steps every Hero goes through — and the Wikipedia entry looks quite good, IMO — but basically, the idea is that the Everyman character (you, me, each of us who embark on this journey) are going to have to start out on the dragon-slaying journey, and eventually confront all our demons (not without a little help here and there), if we expect to triumph.

    For someone like me who appreciates symbolism and myth, it’s a very useful construct. It helps to add an element of objectivity (shocking me out of my subjective angst) and helps to demystify and depersonalize the various obstacles that arise on the path and must be confronted, so I can say to myself:

    “Oh, this? It’s just another trial on my path, my Hero’s Journey to ultimate Triumph.”

    Triumph isn’t assured, of course, but when I can defang those “trials” this way, it’s a little more likely.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Patricia, for you wonderful share. The Hero’s Journey is apt here.

      I agree that there is nothing unique or revolutionary in what I wrote. I find, however, that many people have not engaged in personal development. Their awareness is not as evolved as yours. Some have never considered ideas like these.

      They have a big Ah-Ha moment the first time they understand that they may actually be afraid of freedom.

      To this day, I am fascinated by the fact that even highly intelligent people are sometimes paralyzed by the array of choices available to them.

      Freedom has a price worth paying. It’s called responsibility.

  2. admin says:

    Joy, thank you for your comment. I agree with your point of view. The sad truth is that people have been so thoroughly programmed to be employees that they defend their status even when they hate their jobs and don’t make much money.

  3. Joy Healey says:

    Great post. What always amuses me is that people think being self-employed is FAR more risky than having a job. But with a job all your eggs are in one basket and if you lose that, you’re in trouble. At least with your own business you can be a little more flexible.


  4. admin says:

    Thank you for your astute comment, Sue Worthington. Your presence in the world of Social Media proves that you get what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

  5. Fantastic post! You are right in that the education system pushes people into the left quadrant, and it is a big leap for most people into the right quadrant.
    Most people need a nudge or a great big push! But once the leap is made there is no going back.

    Thanks for sharing