Virtual Real Estate

Prime Real Estate – Yours for Only $10! A ridiculous headline? Oh no, my friends. This is 2012, and $10 real estate bargains are yours for the picking… Read More…

Top 10 Books

Top 10 books? About what? And who should read them? Entrepreneurs, of course, to set themselves up for enormous success and personal fulfillment in 2012… Read More…

Risk Taking in Business

Risk taking is essential for success in business and life.

My experience and observation say that most people avoid risk at all costs. And for many of them, the costs are high. They endure boring jobs, bad marriages, dull and mediocre lives. They are spectators in their own game of life; they watch the risk takers, the men and women of action, the players with awe and envy from the sidelines.

Harsh? Maybe. Judgmental? Yes. And, it’s my strong opinion. Read More…

What Is Leverage?

You can probably define leverage intelligently. But do you really understand it? In other words, do you use it in your life and business? Do you maximize its power? If you’re an entrepreneur, do you always exert small efforts to achieve big results? That’s what leverage means to me.

I love this image. It captures the essence of true leverage. That key is a heavy load. It would probably bring any one person beneath it to his knees. The team’s leveraged effort makes it light and easy to carry. Read More…

Copywriting Secrets You’ll Discover At The Movies

Copywriting. Does that word send shivers of fear down your spine? Well, you would not be alone because the thought of writing copy intimidates a lot of people. That’s why the pros get paid big bucks to write it for you.

Now here’s the thing. Entrepreneurs have to use strong copy to communicate their sales message. But if you’re just starting out, you probably can’t cough up five figures for a good copywriter. Well here’s some good news. You can learn to become a good writer my going to the movies. No, I haven’t left the rails. I mean it, and I’ll prove it to you… Read More…

What Is An Entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? Most likely, if you’re reading this. Or maybe, you’re an avid spectator at the entrepreneurial game. And, you’re dying to become a player.

Great. But although you know the word, what does it actually mean?


Here’s the kind of definition you’ll find in Wikipedia and most dictionaries: Entrepreneur – “a person who organizes and manages an enterprise, esp. a business, usu. with considerable initiative.” That’s okay for a start. But it lacks a spark… Read More…