Value Proposition In A Coffin

Is your value to the marketplace buried? Unfortunately, the answer is yes for too many entrepreneurs.

I realized this the other day while listening to Success by Design, an audio program by Bill Walsh. It was a recoding of a live seminar. Walsh asked his students, all aspiring entrepreneurs, to tell the class their taglines. After listening to a few, it hit me.

Here was a group of sincere independent business owners. They all had something valuable to offer. But they didn’t know how to communicate their value with impact. They could easily tell you what they did and what their businesses were about. But here’s the thing. They were communicating facts. And facts don’t sell.

One guy said he had a service that helps you communicate your message on many social networks. Sounds good, right? Yes. But it’s not enough to grab a person’s attention. It doesn’t paint a vivid value packed picture. This is only the skeleton’s hand creeping out of the coffin. The marketplace needs to see the whole three-dimensional flesh and blood body.

Someone else said that she builds websites for the world. Again, that is a colorless fact. There’s nothing unique and urgent about it.

Let’s say you have a pizza business. It’s not enough to say that you make delicious pizza and people can count on prompt delivery. That’s another hand on the edge of the coffin. Here’s the flesh and blood body. “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less – or it’s FREE.” You guessed it. Domino Pizza’s unique value proposition.

What about this one? “The chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” Right. M & M’s.

Here are some tips to help you discover, flesh out, and communicate your true value to the marketplace.

This is an idea I learned from the young millionaire marketer, Jonathan Budd. He says that when you want to express your strong benefits, you’ve got to show people the “result of the result.” That’s brilliant. For example, you’ve created software that instantly produces Facebook fan pages. The result of using this software is that you quickly get a fan page on the world’s most powerful social network.

People ask what you do for them, and you tell them. You’ll probably hook some of them. But you’ll sell more of your software if you tell people that it will give them an instant traffic magnet that drive hordes of raving fans to their business hungry for what they are selling. That’s the result of the result.

The result is the benefit from your point of view. The result of the result is the benefit from your prospects’ point of view.

I have a formula that helps me find and highlight the major benefits of what I’m selling every time. I call it the B T S formula. The letters stand for Build The Story. What story? Your tagline, your message, your value proposition. They are laser focused short stories that touch people and make them buy from you.

The letters also mean Benefits – Tell – Show. You build the story by simply listing your benefits (instant fan pages, better sleep, dramatic weight loss). These words are okay for a start. But they don’t paint a picture. They just tell us what you offer.

Telling is not enough. You’ve got to show us. So the next step is to use what I call language of the senses. You make people see, hear, feel, smell and taste what they will get when they buy your product or service. You can see hordes of fans rushing to your fan page with their credit cards in their hands.

Remember, pictures are more powerful than words. So, always make your words paint pictures. It’s not enough for me to tell you that you will meet a beautiful young woman when you use my online dating service. I’ve got to use words that can make you see her.

Get the point?

A book that will really help you understand and master language of the senses is Jon Frqnklin’s, Writing For Story.

I’m passionate about vivid persuasive communication. It’s the force behind my success as an actor, teacher, corporate presentation coach, network and internet marketer.

I’ve created a program that reveals the secrets of hypnotic communication. It will give you the power to compel people to listen when you speak and to do what you tell them to do. You will gain a charismatic energy that people can’t resist. They will like you, trust you, and want to buy from you.

This program that transforms your communication into a money magnet is Persuasion Genie.

I urge you to buy as many books and programs as you can that will help you become a compelling communicator. Don’t leave your value buried. Share it with the world. It will enrich others and make you wealthy.

I’ll leave you with this thought. The quality of your entire life, not just your net worth, depends on the quality of your communication.