Virtual Real Estate

Prime Real Estate – Yours for Only $10! A ridiculous headline? Oh no, my friends. This is 2012, and $10 real estate bargains are yours for the picking…

You see, today’s real estate explosion is online. Domain names are pieces of virtual real estate that can make you rich.

They are very easy to take for granted. I mean any kid can come up with $10 for a domain name. Heck, Go Daddy advertises names starting at $7.95. And, a URL doesn’t have material substance, like a gorgeous stone house with a lakeside view. So, most people overlook the hidden treasures in domain names.

Before I continue, I’ll point out that this post is not just about domain names. It’s about the Internet and what it means to your future as an entrepreneur. This is a subject for at least a book. I will only scratch the surface here and suggest things for you to discover on your own. If I do my job well, you will be inspired to expand your knowledge of this exciting new frontier.

Okay, back to domain names. How much did somebody pay in 1995 for Ten bucks? No. Marc Ofstrofsky bought that little piece of virtual real estate for $150,000. My keyboard isn’t stuck on zero. And the next figure you’re about to read isn’t a typo either.

Marc Ostrofsky sold four years later for…how much? Alright, I won’t make you guess. He got $7.5 million for an everyday word! Now that’s what I call a hot real estate flip. Don’t believe me? Check it out in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Better yet, do yourself a favor, and get the lowdown directly from Marc. He reveals this tidbit and a lot more in his riveting book, Get Rich Click!. This is a must read for any serious entrepreneur. Here are a few other nuggets you’ll find in the book.

It’s common knowledge that social networking is all the rage right now. It’s more than the rage; it’s vital to the longevity and success of your business. Many of you know that. You probably have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Right?

But do you have accounts at Linkinn, Plork, BuzzFlash, or Spotback? Probably not. Like my spellchecker, you might think these are bogus words. Actually, they are only four of the 101 social networking sites that you will find on the homepage of

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother with these sites? They’re not in the spotlight.” That’s exactly why you should bother with them. They are alive, active, and valuable for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great to be one of the first to discover a huge sale at your favorite store before the hordes find out about it and trample each other to get in the door? Just a thought.

Google is my default search engine. It’s probably yours too. And, of course, we may sometimes use Yahoo! and Bing. Well, there are hundreds of others that allow you to do very targeted searches. They are known as vortals.

Maybe, you want vital information about a specific industry, like computers or entertainment. Vertical searching may be the way to go. It is becoming important and prominent as an online tool. And, it has the power to attract advertising revenue.

I’m not the expert. Visit to explore this fascinating topic.

This is a site where you can find Researcher, a plugin that helps you do laser targeted analytics about eBay auctions that can make you a fortune. Once again, thank you, Marc Ostrofsky, for this golden knowledge.

The name of the game is to stay ahead of the pack to achieve huge success in business. The resources I’ve mentioned here will help you do that.

Here’s a final tip so you can zig when they zag. Why not begin 2012 by reevaluating all the language and buzz phrases of your industry? You may discover that a lot of tired worn out words come out of your mouth. Here’s an example from the Network Marketing industry. “Do you keep your options open for additional streams of income?”

Don’t get me wrong. It’s an important question. But, the sentence has become a cliche. Chances are that the next person who hears it, has heard it before. Many times before. For that reason alone, she might throw up her armor.

Challenge yourself to be creative. Find new ways to say old things. Then, people will really pay attention to you. They will receive your words as if they were hearing them for the very first time. They will like you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

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