What Is An Entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? Most likely, if you’re reading this. Or maybe, you’re an avid spectator at the entrepreneurial game. And, you’re dying to become a player.

Great. But although you know the word, what does it actually mean?


Here’s the kind of definition you’ll find in Wikipedia and most dictionaries: Entrepreneur – “a person who organizes and manages an enterprise, esp. a business, usu. with considerable initiative.” That’s okay for a start. But it lacks a spark… The kind of spark that ignites ambition, creativity, and a sense of adventure. All three of those traits are vital to my definition of entrepreneur.


Most academic definitions of entrepreneur define an outer game. They focus on outcomes, like starting a business. But you and I know that many people start businesses; few of them are true entrepreneurs. The seeds of great entrepreneurship lie dormant in everyone. They will only spring to life when you nurture your inner game, when you cultivate the qualities that make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Renegade – Ah! The first dictionary definition of this is very negative; it doesn’t serve us. But here’s one we can work with: “a person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner.” That conjures the image of a person who thinks outside of the box, who doesn’t accept the status quo. Both those traits are in the unwritten rule book, “How to Become an Entrepreneur.” Read a biography of Andrew Carnegie if you want to see those traits in blazing color.
  • Courage – Hey, you can’t be a good renegade without courage. Entrepreneurs take action while others hesitate. They’re even willing to follow new and unproven courses of action. Think of the Wright Brothers. Whose actions did they model? Birds!
  • Risk Taker – This trait is inseparable from courage. Here’s a key to unlock your power to take risks. First, vividly describe what you passionately want in writing. Next, take immediate laser focused action to achieve it. When your eye stays on the prize, there’s no room for doubt and fear. The image of tightrope walking can snap me into risk taking mode. I see myself on a high wire walking steadily toward the object of my desire on the other side. If I fix my unbroken gaze on that object, I will easily reach it and touch it. If my “monkey mind” convinces me to look down, I will fall off the wire. Try this, and let me know how it works for you.
  • Inner Directed – This is a BIG one! Most people who are trapped in the matrix of a life they don’t enjoy are stuck because they care too much about other people’s opinions of them. Les Brown, one of my great mentors, says, “Other peoples’ opinion of you are none of your business.” This is a powerful insight. Wage war against your need for approval, and you will discover the hidden keys to unlimited success inside of you. Allow your inner world to direct you toward your goals and desires.
  • Dreamer – When I was a kid, my well-meaning dad would rain on my parade with these words, “Louis, you’re such a dreamer! Grow up.” The words stung. And they lived on as powerful triggers for discouragement when I tried new things that were exciting but challenging. I quit many journeys to success by succumbing to, “You’re such a dreamer!” Six years ago, I invested heavily in personal development. To date, I’ve spent more than $50,000 on life transforming courses. I’ve made it back exponentially because I’ve embraced and nurtured my BIG DREAMS. Awaken the dreamer in you and never let her sleep. No dreams. No success. No life.
  • Innovator – Say this sentence out-loud. “I am an innovator.” What does it make you feel? Intimidation? Doubt? Does your “drunk monkey” whisper or scream, “Yeah, right!?” If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry. You are not alone. Most people think of innovation as something beyond their reach. It’s like genius. They think you have to be born with these qualities. Nonsense! Want the secret to your own creativity, innovation, and genius? Give up the need to be perfect. Perfection is overrated. Alex Mandossian, another brilliant mentor says, “Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good.” Get in the game, and don’t judge your results. Just correct and continue. You’ll be astonished by what you achieve.
  • Beacon of Hope – Most people live with tunnel vision. They focus unhappily on survival. They only see the mundane. An entrepreneur develops a broader vision of life, a vision that sees the BIG PICTURE. That picture includes contribution to others. It’s a vision that becomes strong and clear as you become unstoppable and attract great abundance into your life. At that point, you are a leader, a person who inspires others to stretch and grow beyond their self-imposed limits. You become a beacon of hope.


I’ve just given you seven important traits or qualities of entrepreneurship. I could expand this list into a book. Maybe I will, but not here. I’ll stop at seven. It’s a magical number. Want to know why? Discover it with Google.


A thought sprang to mind as I was writing about innovation a few minutes ago. I remembered a film I saw decades ago called, “Sympathy for the Devil,” (originally called “One Plus One”). The filmmaker uses a Rolling Stones song as a metaphor for social revolution. I don’t agree with the film’s politics. You don’t have to either.

Here’s the nugget I took from the film. We watch as the Stones rehearse and develop one of their most memorable songs and albums.  Their early takes are terrible! But they never focus on that. They correct and continue as they move toward their vision. The final product is powerful, entertaining, and haunting. They never would have achieved brilliance by focusing on the tedious “imperfect” steps of their journey.

A final note to inspire you. I’m a fan and student of Jeffery Combs. If you don’t know him and his work, you definitely deserve to.  Jeff embodies the entrepreneur’s spirit. He has written extensively on the subject. I highly recommend his book that defines and reveals the inner game of entrepreneurship, “Psychologically Unemployable – Life On Your Terms.” Read it. Embrace and live its wisdom. You’ll understand the joy of becoming a valuable renegade – a true entrepreneur.



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  2. Vittorio Rossi says:

    Louis, your work is indeed inspirational. Your insights into courage, risk-taking, innovation and dreaming are not only helpful for those interested in MLM, but to those interested in living with a positive life-affirming force.