Your Jailbreak Blueprint

What Is An Entrepreneur? Dictionaries lean toward this definition: A person who organizes and manages an enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative…taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Not bad.

I prefer a definition that comes from entrepreneurs who are creating massive success in the real world. They define an entrepreneur as a person who solves problems for a profit. The bigger the problem, the bigger the profit.

One of my mentors, Jeffrey Combs, a diehard entrepreneur, adds this refinement. He views the entrepreneur as “Psychologically Unemployable,” (the title of one of his books)

What’s this got to do with a jailbreak? I’ll get to that.

The Entrepreneurial Dream

Many people today entertain the entrepreneurial dream. Most of them can’t describe that dream vividly. They can’t flesh it out in 3D and rich living color. They have a conceptual notion of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Usually, they will say things like, “I want to be my own boss.” Or, “I want to write my own pay check.” I’m not putting them down. These statements are good for a start.

Entrepreneur’s Portrait

What does an entrepreneur look like? What actions, what behaviors define this person? What sets an entrepreneur apart from other more traditional businesspeople? There’s no one-size-fits-all definition of an entrepreneur. There are, however, recognizable traits that most entrepreneurs share. Let’s look at a few.

  • Independence – I would add fierce as a qualifier. Most entrepreneurs are fiercely independent. They would rather die than take orders from someone else. That would explain Jeffrey Combs’s title, “Psychologically Unemployable.”
  • Creativity – My perception is that most highly successful entrepreneurs are artists who have channeled their artistic vision into business. Consider Richard Branson. And what do you make of this statement from Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry – stay foolish?” Those are words from an artist’s soul.
  • Rebelliousness – The entrepreneur challenges the status quo. I think it’s part of his nature to upset the apple cart, even to destroy things. I’d go as far as to say that many entrepreneurs identify with outcasts and, yes, outlaws. The notion of artist as outlaw is not a new one.
  • Drive – I think it would be hard to find a successful entrepreneur who is not powerfully driven by a singular vision and a deep burning WHY.
  • Discipline – I don’t believe that discipline comes naturally to the entrepreneur. In fact, I think that all successful entrepreneurs tame their wild creative energy and harness it with discipline. Left on its own, that energy is like an untamed stallion. Discipline allows the entrepreneur to ride the stallion toward success. A crucial part of that discipline is a consistent DMO (daily method of operation).

So, Louis, when are you going to explain this jailbreak thing? Okay. Now.

Your Language – Your Jail

Earlier in this post I stated that many people entertain an entrepreneurial dream. Then why aren’t all of them living it? It all comes down to belief. And all beliefs come down to words. Yes, words. Language.

I challenge you to look at your life right now. Is there a gap between where you would love to be and where you are? If the answer is yes, why?

Pay close attention to what comes up when you ask yourself this question. Most people immediately think of circumstances. They “don’t have enough money” to pursue their dream. They “don’t have enough time.”  They “have responsibilities” that “must come first.” They are “too old,” “too young,” too uneducated,” “too WHATEVER…”

And, guess what? They are right. Whatever you SAY repeatedly to yourself with conviction, becomes absolutely true. Your words are constantly defining your world. Most people only define safe small worlds. Oh yes, they dream about BIG worlds. But, let’s face it, those are “just dreams.”

Think about the power fo those two small words. Only ten letters. They are not $10 words. They are 10 cent words. But they prevent you from growing and having tens of thousands, even tens of millions of dollars.

Right now, some of you are being “smart.” Your intellect is creating words of judgement about what I just wrote. Those words protect and reinforce your self-image and your worldview. But are they serving you? Are they getting you closer to your dreams? Are they empowering you to “Stay hungry – stay foolish,” like Steve Jobs suggested? Gee, he was “smart,” wasn’t he?

Breaking Out of Jail

It all starts with the words you speak to yourself. Think about it. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” There’s more to that biblical statement than we can imagine.


If this feels like woo-woo, sorry. It feels like that because your language is tied to judgement, and you express your judgement with words. Those words keep you in a small confined space.

Start practicing affirmations daily. It isn’t enough to say things like, “I am a successful entrepreneur earning $15,000 a month or more.” You’ve got to say those words repeatedly until you FEEL them. You must feel the emotion behind them. At that point, your new words will dissolve your judgemental words. You will be creating a new belief that you can live into.

But expect a lot of resistance from within. Change usually doesn’t happen without a fight.

The Speed Principle

I found this next powerful weapon to hasten your prison break in a mind expanding book, “The Einstein Factor,” by Win Wenger and Richard Poe. The authors credit Dr. Makoto Schchida, a Japanese pioneer of accelerated learning with the “Speed Principle.” Consider it a blitz on your brain.

You literally bombard your brain with more positive data than your conscious mind can follow. That “defeats” your left brain’s tendency to create judgements. The result is that the new data will take seed in your unconscious mind and grow into an empowering belief. You are on your way out of jail.

You can do this – if you stay hungry and foolish.

I’ll celebrate with all you “fools” at the top.

6 Responses to “Your Jailbreak Blueprint”

  1. Joy Healey says:

    I really liked the “psychologically unemployable” definition 🙂 I have been self-employed for the majority of my working life. For the 8 years when I was employed I just couldn’t wait to be self-employed again. And now I am, and loving it. People ask me if I don’t miss my J.O.B. and I just laugh and say no-way!


    • admin says:

      Joy, you are so right. People who don’t understand the self-employed mentality are ofte the ones who defend their own captivity. I won’t say that all people who have JOBs are unhappy and unconscious. But many are. It takes courage and confidence to be self-employed. Thank you for your observations.

  2. Bonnie Gean says:

    Makes perfect sense. It’s exactly what “The Secret” teaches! You have to believe before you can conceive!

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Bonnie Gean. You are so right. “The Secret” is still a secret to many people. They have heard about it, but they don’t quite get it. In a few years, the principles of “The Secret” will be widely accepted and understood.

  3. Debra Moser says:

    Fabulous blog Louis! I totally agree with your post and it’s not to woo-woo for me:) Eckhart Tolle so eloquently writes: “The being behind the human, a field of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined. Give up defining yourself – to yourself and others.” I “broke out of jail” a few years ago and am aware when the “ego” wants to play safe. I use affirmations daily to help me. Thank you for the book recommendation I look forward to reading it.

    Love and kindness, Debra

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Debra. I know that you get it. I appreciate your positive awareness; it’s evident on your FB page.